Improved Health and Excercise in Old Age

There is positive association between increased levels of physical activity, exercise participation and improved health in older adults. Exercising at a moderate-to-vigorous level for at least 5 days per week and including both aerobic and strengthening exercises.

WHO recommendations for exercise for people aged 65 years and older

At least 150 min of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, or at least 75 min of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, or an equivalent combination .Aerobic activity should be performed in bouts of at least 10 min duration. For additional health benefits, undertake up to 300 min of moderate- intensity or 150 min of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, or an equivalent combination. People with poor mobility should do balance exercise to prevent falls on 3 or more days.

Muscle-strengthening activities should be done on two or more days. If older adults are unable to do the recommended amounts of physical activity due to health conditions, they should be as physically active as they are able.

Different types of physical activity and exercise

Aerobic exercise is any type of activity that uses large muscle groups and can be maintained over a period of time including activities such as brisk walking, swimming or dancing. Exercise should be at a moderate level, in which the individual notices increases in heart rate and breathing rate. Muscle-strengthening exercise requires muscles to work against a load, which may be an external load or body weight that is progressively increased over the time of the program.

Progressive resisted strength training in older adults have high-intensity strength training protocols, most frequently involving 8-12 repetitions of the exercise to the point of muscle fatigue. Program usually involve the support of exercise professionals and are usually based in gymnasiums, as specialist equipment is often used.

Written by -

Dr.Ishag Shafeeg

Medical Director


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