Sleeping – Taking care of it

Having disruption of sleep is common. There is a range in quality of sleep problems; from initial difficulty in falling asleep, others who tends to wake up in the middle of the night and finds it hard to fall back asleep again and finally those who find that they cannot get enough sleep because they suffer from early morning wakening .


  •  Regular activity and sleeping schedule – did you know for your biological clock to work properly, keeping a regular bedtime with rise time every night is important even during weekends. This will keep your clock to daily hours of day and night.
  •  Having regular meals daily – interestingly regular meals do reflect on time of the day. Having a light carbohydrate snack like bread, cereal or crackers around the last hour before bed time prevent hunger during sleep.
  •  Settling down – listening to relaxing music or sound, doing a pleasant activity or dimming the light help in having a good sleep.
  • Restricting amount of fluids in the evening – make it no more than eight to ten ounce of liquids. Amount of fluid in the bladder can cause awakenings. Always void before bed.
  • Consuming caffeine – coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and even chocolates in the evening makes it difficult to fall asleep and even disruption of sleep in the night. So, remove all caffeine products before eight hours of bedtime.
  • Smoking and drugs – avoiding smoke close to bedtime and never smoke during the night if you are awake. All substance of abuse including drugs worsen your sleep.
  • Napping during the day – nap during the day will make you harder to fall asleep and stay asleep at night.
  • Exercise and bed time temperature – regularly exercise will certainly improve sleep quality but exercising close to bedtime or having a warm shower can disturb sleep onset. Do not engage in any activity that raise body temperature very close to bedtime. Best time for exercise is late in the afternoon or early evening. If you like warm shower, always take it before one to two hours of going to bed. Normal temperature shower is the best you can do for your sleep.
  • Environment – make it sleep friendly. Comfortable, dark, quiet and cool bedroom is the ideal. We all know darkness at night signals to the biological clock that it is the night time. Noise can wake you from sleep, so keep bedroom quiet and buy fan or air conditions which have constant background noise.
  • Bright light – during waking hours of morning it is essential to have bright light, so strive for it. But limit exposure to bright light in the evening.
  • Alcohol – do not use it to help your sleep.

Written by -

Dr.Ishag Shafeeg

Medical Director


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