Tips – for daily activity to loose weight

Did you know there are ten easy ways to raise your physical activity levels and burn more calories?


Walk more! This is the easiest and most effective ways of increasing your activity. Find a walking partner or join a walking group. Inspiration from others give a social advantage to your activity of walking.


Avoid using lift to reach floors as much as possible. Walk up and down stairs and escalators instead of taking the lift. Also, get off the lift a few floors early and use the stairs to begin with.


Running on the firm side of beach or a safe road is a faster way to reduce weight. Again, find a partner or join a running group.


Cycle or walk part, if not all, of your journey to work. Use a public transport a stop before your destination and walk the rest of the way.

Leave the car

Ditch the car if you need to drive to work. If car is needed, try to park further away from your destination and walk the rest of the way. Exercise in your local park If you have time, exercise in your local park.

Exercise at work

If you are quite busy at work and not finding time to exercise, exercise before or after work orduring your lunch break.

Family fun

Some times weight reduction is a family thing! Be active with the family. Take your children to the sea for swimming, if not to the swimming pool. Swimming is the best exercise to reduce weight.

Go green

Gardening can provide a good workout. You could also add a social element by joining a gardening group.

Healthier cooking

Did you know, frying adds fat to your meals?

Healthier alternatives:

Grilling, is a quick and healthier way of cooking without any fat. Poaching, is a fat-free way of cooking eggs, some meats and fish. Steaming, is a fat-free way of cooking veg and fish. Boiling, will not require any oil and therefore adds no calories to food.

Written by -

Dr.Ishag Shafeeg

Medical Director


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