Dental & Cosmetic Services at Maldicare


Maldicare Dental Department is one among the pioneer dental facility in the private sector in Maldives, with state of art dental facility with modernized ways of dental treatments. With wide rage of dental treatments performed as a team with in house dentists and visiting specialists makes the clinic unique in the country.

Maldicare’s Dental & Cosmetic Wing is open from 9.00 AM to 10.00 PM from Thursday to Saturday . As we have started Friday Dental Clinic , Clinic will be working from 04.00 PM to 10.00 PM on Fridays. We have famous orthodontist Dr.Hari Prabhakaran and Dr.Georgie Selvaraj . Dr.Hari Prabhakaran is founder-member, Managing Director and owner of Profile Dental and cosmetic Clinic Trivandrum. Dr. Hari Prabhakaran,  visiting Maldives since 2010 on regular basis, will be visiting Maldicare from 1st to 4th June 2015.

Orthodontics Services

  1. Correction of misaligned teeth
  2. Guiding children for a cute smile
  3. Correction of various habit related malocclusions.
  4. Fixation of metal and ceramic braces.
  5. Fixation of lingual braces
  6. Fixation of self-ligating braces
  7. Correction of misaligned teeth by using latest technology of clear path, without braces.

Other Dental & Cosmetic Services

  1. Extraction
  2. Impaction
  3. Root Canal
  4. Composite filling
  5. Dentures
  6. Scaling & Polishing
  7. Bleaching
  8. Tooth Jewellery
  9. Bridges
  10. Crowns
  11. Operculectomy

The various treatments done in Maldicare include correction of malalingned teeth with and without braces using the most modernized clear path technology, Correction of misaligned tooth and jaw at a very early age with myofunctional appliances, Replacing of missing tooth with implants and bridges, replacing an edentulous jaw with implant supported denture and removable dentures, extraction of decayed, mobile and impacted tooth, filling and root canal treatment for various decayed tooth and protecting the same with crowns, Cleaning and polishing of teeth, bleaching , tooth jewellery , gum surgeries and various other dental procedures.

We in Maldicare follow a holistic approach in treating a dental problem, helping the patient to diagnose various other problems and thereby preventing serious complications which may happen in a latter stage. Maldicare provides dental service for people in islands as camps and house visits, which helps us to reach many who are unapproachable to dental service in the country.





I am thankful to the orthodontist for convincing me on clear alignment. I was having very irregular teeth and forced to wear metallic braces. I am on my 5th aligner now and can see visible changes in my teeth alignment.

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