Neurosurgeon Dr.Ramnarayan joined Maldicare

Maldicare is  glad to announce that the famous Neurosurgeon  Dr.Ramnarayan has joined us and his consultation held from 17th and 18th May was really boon to our patients. It was marvelous to have a new specialist among our popular visiting doctors team from abroad. This time it was eminent Consultant General & Functional Neurosurgeon, Dr R Ramnarayan from Lakshmi Neuro Clinic, Chennai, India. His expert clinic services were delivered to our patients in a broad range of areas. It was remarkable to see a good number of patients with the following problems,

  1. Vertigo
  2. Vertigo with neck pain radiating to arms
  3. Numbness of arms with or without vertigo
  4. Giddiness with neck pain
  5. Hypertension and radiating neck pain to arms
  6. Numbness of upper arms without neck pain
  7. Lower back pain
  8. Lower back pain radiating o legs
  9. Diabetes & leg pains with difficulty in walking
  10. Hypothyroid and pain in limbs
  11. Complication of infection and limb pain
  12. Developmental abnormalities and complications
  13. Previous surgeries with complications
  14. Nerve injuries
  15. Tremors of hands
  16. Stroke and movement disorder
  17. Craniovertebral junction anomalies

Further more, patients who needed future surgeries and other neurosurgical interventions were facilitated to his hospital. We will continue his services to our patients like other specialties so that our patients would benefit with MaldiCare Clinic’s further expanding services to our community.


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